Sarah Palin wants Religious War and Corporate Rule
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Capitalism kills democracy. When the people's voice is measured in dollars we quickly find that the only votes are those afforded by corporations. Religion can not be associated with government for it is, or rather should be, a personal focus not a social one. To involve a mythical history in the rational decisions of politic is to base a society on the principles of an unworthy few ignoring the will of the vast multitudes.

There are more choices available to us than the rulers will admit. This is their weakness. A true democratically based society is built upon the open exposure of available choice, the achilles heal of the current order. Democracy IS upheaval not powder blue numbness. Wake Up! To vote for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. There are more than Obama and McCain. There are more options available to the world than capitalism, oppression and war especially when people realize that NONE of us actually have the answers. Church and state have murdered millions over the centuries and will continue to do so so long as the people give over their choice to corporate God.



Reviewer: Matanuska Mark - - October 29, 2008
Subject: That's not Gov Palin . . .
that's Tina Fey !!!

Reviewer: tracey pooh - IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image - October 29, 2008
Subject: well done longer excerpts of palin's dogma
having seen only snippets before, it was nice to see longer versions of her quotes.

a well done short film.

Reviewer: einfeldt - IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image - October 29, 2008
Subject: Absence of balance
Palin - Bush - McCain, three leaders who have lost touch with balance. You are either with them or against them. And their followers pick up on that. Notice the review of NoiseCollector above. This video clip was critical of his candidate, and so he attacked the filmmaker as a socialist.

Fortunately, as of Tuesday, October 28, 2008, one week before the election, the more calm-headed Obama is leading strongly in the electoral college polling. But please take the reactions of NoiseCollector and this video as a warning. Please get out and vote. We cannot have four more years of Palin-Bush-McCain.

Reviewer: NoiseCollector - IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image - October 29, 2008
Subject: cuba is hiring
North korea needs help turning the lights on too.

I say you share a community sleeping bag and hitch-hike together in leiderhozen to venezuela.

Socialism doesn't work and never will. You can dream of eliminating the difference between town and country, dissolving the nuclear family and redistributing hard working people's belongings to unmotivated and boring people all you like...

You will be in for quite a surprize when you come to take it though.

Reviewer: bartfarb - IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image - October 29, 2008
Subject: thanks for uploading this
you look at her and think she's nuts, but then her words are the final nail in the coffin. don't we have nut case in office now? how did that work out? not just not now, but not in the future either.