Looks like Tomase will be bagging groceries at your closest Shaw's..

NEW YORK -- Video of signals taped by the Patriots has been shut off, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, with a bottle of water in hand, has arrived in The Astor Room here at The Intercontinental hotel.

Goodell opened by noting that the meeting with Matt Walsh lasted 3 hours, 15 minutes. Goodell then spoke about what he felt were the two top issues:

1) The premise that Matt Walsh might have new information in addition to what the NFL had already investigated.

2) The Feb. 2, 2008 Boston Herald report that the Patriots filmed the St. Louis Rams walkthrough.

Goodell said "the fundamental information that Matt provided was consistent with what we penalized the Patriots for."

Goodell said he did not anticipate any more penalties against the Patriots.

Goodell also said he was able to verify there was no walkthrough tape, no one asked Walsh to tape the walkthrough, that Walsh was unaware of anyone else taping the walkthrough, and that Walsh had not seen such a tape.

Goodell noted that Walsh was in the building at the time of the walkthrough, on the sideline setting up equipment, in Patriots gear.

"It was clear it was not an overt attack," Goodell said.

Goodell did mention two new pieces of new information from Walsh -- a player who was on injured reserve was said to be inappropriately practicing, and Walsh said he was involved in scalping of Super Bowl tickets by players (he was the seller).

Goodell said the league was looking into those pieces of information. If a player on injured reserve was found to be practicing, Goodell said such an infraction would likely result in a team fine.