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Full Version: Meg White has a sex tape??
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Ms. JJ Millie
"You ever have some chick that you knew full well wasn't cute in any way but for some reason you thought she was anyway. Well for me that chick is Meg White, the drummer for the White Stripes. Which is noteworthy because many are saying she has a leaked sex tape. On Sept 11th, the White Stripes canceled their tour because Meg was suffering from "acute anxiety". Is that because of the sex tape? How the hell should I know. Leave me alone! You can download the tape here, or look at NSFW screencaps here or here (HQ here). I guess it kinda looks like her, and by that I mean the chick in the video has a foot and head and all that, just like Meg White, but who the hell knows. I question the location. Either she was kidnapped or her fantasy was to get nailed in my freshman dorm. And there's this weird creaking sound like she's in the hull of an 18th century ship. I also can't figure our what they're saying, so it may not even be English. Although some to think of it, I've never heard Meg White speak. She might not even have a tongue for all I know."
laughing.gif he makes a very good detective
Danny Vermin
Nice gunt.
WTF Jones
If that's her, she looks marginally better naken than I'd have believed. Plus I think she'd be nutty in the sack so it could be worth a gander.
Nice Rack.........

not sure if it's her though..........
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