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Full Version: conspiracy? Or just a stupid mistake?
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Billy Chapel
So, yes, this is an old story and make all the Ted kennedy Jokes you want - but this is a little unnerving, no?

Terror list snag nearly grounded Ted Kennedy
WASHINGTON (AP) Sen. Edward Kennedy on Thursday said he had been misidentified on a terrorism watch list when he tried to board airliners between Washington and Boston.
Senator Edward Kennedy was mistakenly identified on terror watch list.
By Rick Bowmer, AP

The well-known Massachusetts Democrat was stopped five times as he tried to board US Airways shuttles because a name similar to his appeared on a list or his name popped up for additional screening.

"If they have that kind of difficulty with a member of Congress, how in the world are average Americans, who are getting caught up in this thing, how are they going to be treated fairly and not have their rights abused?" Kennedy asked Homeland Security undersecretary Asa Hutchinson.

Hutchinson, who apologized for "any inconvenience" to the senator, was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the need for the federal government to take over the watch lists, which are currently administered by the airlines.

Kennedy said he was stopped at airports in Washington, D.C., and Boston three times in March. Airline agents told him he would not be sold a ticket because his name was on a list.

When he asked the agent why, he was told, "We can't tell you."

Each time, a supervisor recognized Kennedy and got him on the flight. But after the third incident, Kennedy's staff called the Transportation Security Administration and asked to clear up the confusion.

The TSA said a name similar to Kennedy's was on the watch list, and that he was later flagged to go through additional screening. TSA also said that the airlines didn't handle the matter properly.

But twice after contacting TSA, Kennedy was stopped again at the airline counter.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed lawsuits in San Francisco and Seattle over this issue, demanding that the government explain how wrongly flagged travelers can get off the lists.

Hutchinson said that people who experience problems can call the TSA ombudsman to clear things up.
yeah, the TSA is fucked. My dad who is 65 and travels frequently by air and has never had so much as a speeding ticket wound up on the TSA's no board list and was on it for about 3 years before suddenly not being on it. No explanation as to why he was on it. Generic name, John King.

Had to jump through hoops everytime he went to the air port. They never told him why he was on the list, never told him how to get off the list and one time in Minnasota, he was taken off the plane by Nat'l Guardsmen at gunpoint because somehow he made it on the plane without being hassled.
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