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Full Version: Keys to the Streets of Fear / sweetthieves
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Keys to the Streets of Fear


w/DJing through the System

Friday, June 17th

the Cellar
991 Mass Ave. (between Harvard & Central)

9PM / $3 / 21+

I know what you're thinking. Cambridge's main-drag fieldstone-ensconced basement bar doesn't have live music. that's true. but on June 17th Boston's own genre-dusting Keys to the Streets of Fear will erect their sonic architecture in the upstairs room at 991 Massachusetts Avenue, bolstered by the pogo-friendly antics of Providence's sweetthieves, and a few rounds of tube-powered turntablosity from the System (to be explained below).

this show, originally scheduled at the now-silent Overdraught Pub, is a special event courtesy of the kind folks at the Cellar. a mere $3 to get in to the upstairs room, and as usual you can still drink downstairs for no admission fee.

Keys to the Streets of Fear have been constructing blue-hewn walls of sonic terrorism for a scant six months, wrecking rhythm & noise havoc all over the metro area. they have yet to undertake a performance that cannot be reached on bicycle. fresh off their tour with the Cale-era Velvet Underground in 1968, the Fearsmen will be unleashing a set list rife with songs about Jesus, Jane Doe, and a beloved who refuses to "pick up that mess."

sweetthieves are the best thing to come out of Rhode Island - not on Load Records, unsmelling of brackish sea salt, and without menthol additives - in years. resembling an excitedly tipsy Mission of Burma unable to stop themselves from chatting up Sleater-Kinney, the 'thieves have garnered such recent acclaim from questionable rock rags as: "without a doubt the ballsiest performance I have ever witnessed from someone wearing a pastel floral print" (the Noise, May 2005)

and lastly, the System: (product of a Schlitz-induced moment of genius from KttSoF guitarist/crooner Patrick) consists of record players run through the PA, with guitars slung over the PA speakers, up full blast through the amps, so you hear the wax through the PA and all distorted through the pickups and guitar amps. members of KttSoF and sweetthieves will be DJing throughout the evening, and if you choose to show up with what you think is a really good Rod Stewart record that you'd like to hear, well, watch out....

"any record played through the System comes out sounding like seeing the Stones in '71" -- the Weekly Dig, July 2003
I'm going to an earlier show at 7pm. What time does the music start at this show? I know peeps in both Sweet Thieves and Keys To The Streets of Fear. I wanna be there to bring the ruckus! -james
10:00 or so? dirty slow-dancing after the bands play
that sounds about right.
Justin from the Turpentines is going to do some of that dirty slow-dance DJing, also.
Best Dressed Guest
they have shows at the cellar now?
NO! this is just a one-off. please do not deluge the Cellar with requests to book your shitty band.

or your really awesome band, if you have one of those.
Best Dressed Guest
QUOTE(telepathy @ Jun 14 2005, 04:20 PM)
NO! this is just a one-off. please do not deluge the Cellar with requests to book your shitty band.

or your really awesome band, if you have one of those.

uh, i was just curious, since it's a tiny bar at a food court without a P.A.
food court?

we'll be bringing a very shitty, distorted PA.
"they're way into oral"
- the Weekly Dig, yesterday

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unfortunately they didn't credit JustBill with his photo ... thanks again, J.B.
that totally sucks... It pisses me off that a rag that does make money cant put thier shit together to credit someone. Dont the beat it in their skulls in school not to use someone elses shit.

People do me a favor if you use my shit make sure they freak'n credit me!

word to that.

and, bump.
Ladies and gentlemen, this shit is tonight!
Guy who asks for set times
Hey, you got anything for me here?
we're going to start drinking around 7:30, the DJing will start at 9, the bands by around 10, more DJing afterwards ... you will wake up in a stranger's bed with a fair-to-middlin' hangover around 7:46 AM.
with "Save the Last Dance for Me" in your head.

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